Apolline’s scallops: Too long for a tweet…

Sometimes I want to say too much about a dish to fit into 140 characters. Apolline’s scallop entree is seared diver scallops. The appetizer could have used just a tad more salt or acid for my taste, but there was no lack of seasoning in this entree. (In fact, a more sensitive palate may have found this too salty, but I liked it.) I once had a Brazilian roommate who always said nothing could ever be too salty or too spicy for him, and he would have loved this.

I try to stay objective, but this dish was made up solely of ingredients I love, so it was impossible for me not to enjoy it. The scallops were on top of a charred corn maque choux and garnished with grilled gulf shrimp(!) and chive. This all sat atop a bacon “plank” roughly the size of four post it notes side-by-side in a square.

The scallops were perfectly seared, still medium rare-ish on the inside. They were quite flavorful despite the generous seasoning and spiciness. Mercifully, the bacon wasn’t wrapped around them, but the classic pairing was still intact. The slightly creamy sauce combined with the other ingredients (particularly the corn) reminded me of the flavors of a really good corn chowder. Despite my obvious bias, I think anyone would enjoy this. The portion size was generous enough to make me question if I’d finish it all, but I definitely did.

Told you there was too much I could say about this dish to fit into 140 characters.

Tweets about Apolline’s wine specials, sweetbreads, and pecan pie at http://twitter.com/ndrewmarin.

Apolline Restaurant
4729 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 894-8881
Dinner Tuesday-Saturday: 5:30pm-10pm
Lunch Saturday-Sunday: 10am-2pm

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